About Us

Nubrands Group is a leading privately-owned investment management and holding company headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Guangzhou and Shanghai. The Group owns and manages an expanding portfolio of operating businesses and investment ventures in lifestyle, cosmetics and beauty products and services that the Group foresees substantial growth and opportunities.

Nubrands Group’s core activities are focused on: (i) the acquisition and joint venture investment in startups and undervalued consumer brands and beauty service operators; and (ii) the repositioning of consumer brands by leveraging on Nubrands Group’s various networks in its manufacturing businesses as well as its marketing and distribution channels.

Nubrands Group is committed to reinventing businesses it has acquired strategically, and entrusts its people and resources to developing them into vibrant, profitable, and sustainable entities. We have a proven track record working with smart, motivated management teams to enter new markets, grow sales channels, developing new product pipelines, and build brand connections with customers.

Nubrands Group’s business investment is anchored on a long term view of a Company’s performance. We focus on the growth and marketing strategy with our partners and we add value well beyond capital. We are owners and we think like owners. Our partnership culture comes from our roots as a privately-owned company. Our collaborative approach, consumer expertise, proprietary tools, and strong relationships ensure our partners long term success.