Our Edge

Nubrands Group abides by the following guiding principles in the successful operation of our companies, which serve as a set of core aspirations:

Passion, Flexibility, Integrity, Entrepreneurship, Partnership.


We are passionate in what we do and we have a passion for building brands that enhance edge’s lives. By investing in innovative and leading consumer companies, we bridge the gap in understanding what our customers need.


We make minority and majority investments, and work effectively with entrepreneurs to create unconventional solutions.


Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business culture. We expect our edge to uphold high ethical standards in everything they do. We intend to respect both the rules and laws that govern our businesses, and the spirit of ethical conduct and responsible stewardship that we want to be defined by.


The entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA. Acutely perceptive to the needs of our markets, we are on the constant lookout to scale new heights and realize novel ideas. Together with our partners, we strive to achieve new breakthroughs by creating demand through innovation and redefine the boundaries of what has always been deemed impossible.


The interests of our partners, investors and clients always come first. In fact, we see it as we go to work on behalf of our partners, rather than dictating or mandating decisions.